About Ciclus

Ciclus uses technological solutions in search of ways to transform waste

Founded in 2010 to serve a Municipal Urban Sanitation Company (Comlurb) concession, Ciclus Ambiental performs the integrated management (transfer, transport, treatment, and final disposal) of household and large generators of solid waste in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Seropédica, and other municipalities in the state, and commercial customers as well.

The structure includes operating a Waste Treatment Center (CTR Rio) and five Waste Transfer Stations (ETRs) located in strategic areas of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Ciclus also stands out for its cutting-edge technologies that generate inputs such as demineralized water, biogas, and soon, energy.


The company's mission is to prevent pollution and minimize environmental and social impacts that waste can cause, transforming them into inputs that can be converted into economic assets, whenever possible.


To be a sustainable, efficient, and profitable company by providing transportation of and waste-disposal solutions for public and private customers.


  • Socio-environmental responsibility
    finding the best sustainability solutions and offering activities to the population through the CEA project (Environmental Education Center);
  • Simplicity, objectivity, and results;
  • Efficient operation and continuous improvement;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Leading by example.

Arco Metropolitano, KM 107 – Seropédica, RJ


(21) 3782-6700

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